The Future of Home Security

“As the old adage goes, ‘Time changes, man changes’. and so does technology/ Few years ago, Home Security was only for the rich and famous, unaffordable, unwanted by most, messy cables all round etc. All this is history now with home security coming in the forefront mainly on account of urban crime. It’s now part of most home laundry list.

With the convergence and integration of Security, IT and Telecommunication, the future looks very upbeat for Home Security” – Mr.Pramoud Rao, Managing Director, Zicom Electronic Security Systems

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e-Count – Have you ever wondered how many people walk in and out of your store on daily basis?



  •  Zicom Retail: A case study

While India’s burgeoning retail sector –now estimated at between *$350 billion-**$500 billion with a CAGR of 15-20 per cent and expected to grow to $1.3 trillion by 2020, is happy news, there is a sad aside to it: a huge amount of loss due to theft and burglary. According to a report by the National Crime Records Bureau (NCRB), there are minimum 1,200 cases of theft and burglary reported every day, running into losses worth several hundred crore.

Frankly, right now India’s retail business is run on wafer thin margins. Add to it, endless shoplifting by putative customers, theft and burglary in retail outlets and warehouses and more ominously, theft and pilferage by own employees. Woefully, the losses are further augmented by a host of other problems including unskilled staff and absent-ism. The problem gets further compounded when even some large scale players avoid deploying technology to prevent losses. Read more ›

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e-Attend – Do you find it difficult to maintain attendance records of your staff across the country?


e-Attend is the cloud-based solution that allows today’s small to midsize businesses to gain a competitive advantage with consistent, real-time employee data. Giving you the real time attendance, you make better, more informed decisions. Control labor costs. Minimize compliance risk. And improve workforce productivity.

The Challenge

Today SMEs, Retail and BFSI industry are experiencing rapid growth, and in order to support this growth, the company generally anticipates that its workforce would almost triple in two years and quickly realize that its current solution for tracking and managing employee time is no longer efficient, nor scalable. Read more ›

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Zicom recognized for Technology Innovation in Electronic Security Industry!

Frost and Sullivan India Electronic Awards 2013

Mr. Sunil Rao – Head, Saas enterprise business, Zicom receiving the award.

Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd., a pioneer in electronic security industry has once again proved its industry excellence by getting crowned for its concept of SaaS (Security as a Service) in the field of Technology Innovation in the industry.

The award was an outcome of a process to identify best practices followed by industry players and to also recognize prominent companies for their significant contribution towards cutting-edge electronic products and services.

SaaS (security as a service), an initiative by Zicom was identified as an innovative concept in itself through a diligent process that considered perspective from respective customers, experts and thought leaders.

The recognition was a part of an award ceremony organized by Frost & Sullivan on 9th July @ one of the prominent hotels in New Delhi and was named as Frost and Sullivan India Electronic Awards 2013. Read more ›

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Innovative Push Video Alarm System – inTouch

push video alarm system called inTouch

push video alarm system called inTouch

Zicom Electronic Security Systems, an electronic security company, announces the launch of a push video alarm system called inTouch. According to a press release, inTouch has been  designed keeping in mind the safety of working couples, children, and senior citizens. The features of the alarm include instant & active incident notification, DIY plug and play, auto configurable, on-board recording with expandable memory up to 32 GB, trigger alarm remotely using a portable device amart phone, among others. Find it at retail stores such as Next.

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IP based Multi-apartment Video Door Phones with Touch Screen technology

IP based Multi – apartment Video Door Phones

IP based Multi – apartment Video Door Phones


Zicom Electronic Security systems Ltd. – the pioneers in electronic security recently announced the launch of its IP based Multi – apartment Video Door Phones with Touch Screen technology and High Definition supported 7inch & 8inch Indoor Units contributes to the image quality.
(Model Nos.: Z.MA.IN.08CO.IP.619C08D & Z.MA.IN.08CO.IP.619C08D respectively).

The Indoor Units’ touch screen facility makes the communication hassle free. Firstly, it enables one to interact directly with what is displayed, rather than indirectly with a pointer controlled by a touchpad and secondly, it lets one do so without requiring any intermediate device that would need to be held in the hand.

The Indoor Unit is equipped with an SD card slot that saves the image of the visitor if one is not at home.  Besides, the Unit can also be used as a screen to view you multimedia files and can also act as a digital photo frame. Read more ›

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Finger Print Door Lock

Finger Print Lock

Finger Print Lock

Zicom Electronic Security Systems Ltd introduces Finger Print Lock that marks a new era in this field. This Finger Print Door Lock comes with a hi-tech optical Finger Print Sensor making it as one of the most efficient finger print locks in the market.

One of the most amazing feature this product brings to you is its reversible handle due to which it can be installed on the door opening in any direction let it be left handed or right handed.


Able to memorize up to an astonishing 120 different fingerprints, all that you and your employees or loved ones need to do is hit a key and place your finger on the door lock’s scanner to be let in instantly! Memorized fingerprints can be added easily, and for those wanting a little variety, this unique finger print lock can also work with a PIN code or Mechanical Key (for emergency use). No need to worry about complicated programming either, as this lock requires zero computer programming. Read more ›

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Push Video Alarm System – inTouch

Catch a thief before he does the job–there and then! 

India’s leading electronic security provider Zicom has launched inTouch, a Push Technology camera which is a breakthrough innovation in Video and Intrusion Alarm System (VAS). Targeted for the safety of working couples with kids, senior citizens at home and for monitoring remotely, inTouch also finds its application in retail stores as a business intelligence tool coupled with safety and security features.

Zicom’s inTouch, the new Push Video Alarm System is a step beyond the traditional CCTVs as it pushes a live video feed into a portable mobile whenever an event occurs. Simply put, a client receives a push notification. The Push Video Technology is the result of developing a network camera that offers a vastly improved, a much clearer video quality, broader view angles, and taking forward existing functions, thus giving physical security a much needed dimension. That means whenever an incident takes place, users get instant accurate notification of an event helping them reduce the damage, if any, and salvage a situation. Read more ›

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