Mrs. Shanthi Chauhan is the quintessential Woman of Substance, who has always given one hundred percent to anything that she takes upon herself. As the creator of bespoke Jewellery brand ‘Sattviki’’, Mrs. Chauhan has carved a niche for herself in that sector, at the same time giving opportunities to Jewellery craftsmen by opening new corridors of creativity. She has designed menus for famous FMCG brands which include teaching the crew how to manage corporate and consumer level orders.

As environmental torch bearers Mrs. Chauhan and her husband have worked tirelessly towards saving the Solanpada dam and the surrounding area in Karjat, from extensive green coverage and creating self-sustaining employment to the villagers. Her never ending energy for life stems from her deep rooted values and understanding of the human psyche. Her natural aura of confidence and calm leadership has won over many, who can vouch for her spirited enthusiasm and determination with which she takes upon any task and completes it successfully.

Mrs. Shanthi Chauhan is a Diploma holder in Hotel Management.