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Safe° T Tab


Face recognition system integrated with non-contact medical accuracy temperature detection is a next generation access control and attendance terminal. Access control device features fast and precise face recognition, large storage capacity coupled with non-contact IR based Wrist temperature detection technology.

Face recognition with face-mask detection feature with alarm warning and access Restriction to people without mask

  • Non-contact detection of wrist temperature
  • Access restriction to people with abnormal body temperature with ±0.2 °C accuracy
  • Shows real time count of people restricted for high temperature
  • Shows highest temperature reading for the day

Safe° T Node


Safe°T Node – Contactless Self Temperature Measurement & Alarm System to assist for COVID – 19 control.

Made In India product equipped with the best IR sensor with a measurement distance up to 3 cm. Certified by NABL (National Accreditation Board for Testing & Calibration Laboratories) Temperature screening done at Entry/Exit points as per MHA-GOI guidelines. An audio/visual alarm that raises alert for immediate attention and action if the high temperature is detected. Avoids employing man guard security to screen all incoming employees and visitors.

This device is used for corporate workplaces, factories, Govt. Offices, residential societies etc. “# Naya Daur Mein Likhenge, Milkar Nayi Kahani , Hum Kharidenge Sirf Hindustani”


Safe° T Access


Mobile Credential Access Control with Temperature detection

Combines smart-phone mobile credentials and 125 kHz/13.56MHz card technology together to provide contact-less experience with Multi-credential Bluetooth + Multi-card readers for a more secure & convenient approach to access control. Equipped with precision IR sensor with measurement distance of 2 cm and accuracy of ± 0.2°C

Safe °T Access – Redefines Credential Management for Access Control Systems

  • Restricts access if body temperature of individual is above normal levels
  • Reduces the cost of ownership by extending life of existing system controller and hardware
  • Allows smooth migration to mobile credentials with cloud-based credential management and issuance

Safe° T Node Lite

CONTACTLESS SELF TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT & ALARM SYSTEM Temperature scanner is equipped with best IR sensor with measurement distance upto 3cm, ±0.3°C accuracy and 2 line seven segment display Ddevice shows temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Being a self service temperature screening device, employees and visitors need to be prompted to get their temperature screening done at Entry / Exit points as per MHA-GOI guidelines. This is applicable for corporate workplaces, factories, Govt. offices, residential societies etc.