Web Based Time & Attendance Software


Web-based time attendance and online leave management system offers you a high return on investment by tracking the exact time worked by employees – both in and out of the office- while giving both workers and upper management the flexibility and options to check the system from any Internet-enabled PC, Internet-enabled cell phones, PDA or PC at home. Giving you all the information that you need on the move



  • A user friendly, browser based solution for time attendance and leave management system.
  • Design for any windows.
  • Web based Admin Module that allows master data creation through browser for employees, department, sections, shifts, holidays, leaves and much more.
  • One centralized installation and multiple access point through intranet/internet, that supports multiple companies/branches.
  • Built in reporting module that provides daily, monthly and yearly leave reports. Reports can be exported into Excel & PDF format.
  • Support user roles like Admin, HOD, Team Leader and other, that allows multilevel leave approval process.
  • HODs/Team Leaders can easily check the status of there sub-ordinate’s attendance online.
  • Online attendance, applying leave, checking status and sending email alerts to HODs.
  • Software available on almost all known databases : SQL Server, MS Access.


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