Safe° T Lite

CONTACTLESS SELF TEMPERATURE MEASUREMENT & ALARM SYSTEM Temperature scanner is equipped with best IR sensor with measurement distance upto 3cm, 0.3°C accuracy and 2 line seven segment display Ddevice shows temperature in both Celsius and Fahrenheit.

Being a self service temperature screening device, employees and visitors need to be prompted to get their temperature screening done at Entry / Exit points as per MHA-GOI guidelines. This is applicable for corporate workplaces, factories, Govt. offices, residential societies etc.


Safe° T Tab

Face recognition system integrated with non-contact medical accuracy temperature detection is a next generation access control and attendance terminal. Access control device features fast and precise face recognition, large storage capacity coupled with non-contact IR based Wrist temperature detection technology.

Face recognition with face-mask detection feature with alarm warning and access Restriction to people without mask

  • Non-contact detection of wrist temperature
  • Access restriction to people with abnormal body temperature with 0.2 °C accuracy
  • Shows real time count of people restricted for high temperature
  • Shows highest temperature reading for the day